Eden Farm Equine Sanctuary, Inc. - Rescue and Lifetime Care for Abused and Unwanted Equines
     We, here at Eden Farm are very proud of our horse sponsorship programs.  Our main sponsorship program includes grain sponsorships for our 9 equines.  The two ponies and Grendal are $25 per month and the remaining 6 larger horses are $50 per month.  This barely covers part of their grain intake for the month and does not include straw bedding and hay, nor their veterinary expenses or farrier expenses.  The following equines are covered with repetitive monthly payments:
Uncle Buddy
Each month, the two ponies, Princess Lizzie and Oscar, generally come open for sponsorship as most people who sponsor these ponies only sponsor them for one month at a time.  Sponsorship for Kitty is also sporadic. Magic & Charo, mother and foal, are also available now for sponsorship!
Twice a year, we advertize for sponsorships of the equines for their vaccinations and once or twice a year we advertize for sponsorships for the equines' farrier visits.
We are currently working to add other alternatives to sponsorships.  More to come on these exciting programs as we redesign and reinvent the different ways we raise badly-needed funds for our horses.

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