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Other Safe Souls
Toad M. Cooper
Toad was abandoned at the Lebanon Valley SPCA with a Peter Pan baby blanket and a broken heart. He is now an integral part of EFES - overseeing many projects that are involved with comforting humans and being the center of attention - an art he has perfected ....and as you can see, he is a John Deere man....a true farmer at heart.
Sad note: Toad was humanely euthanized on July 1st, 2010 at the age of 16
 due to end stage liver disease. He will be forever missed......a memorial
  yard is under construction @ the sanctuary in his memory.
Patty was one of several pugs purchased from a commercial breeder.The others were re homed by another horse rescue person, but Patty remained at Eden Farm. Shortly after arriving and getting accustomed to living in the house (she had been kennel kept for 5 years)....Patty started to gain weight - daily. At first I thought it was due to excessive snacking - the the reason for the weight gain is shown in the photo with Patty.  Having been used for breeding her entire life, Patty's birthing time was difficult - and Patty suffered a serious asthmatic condition when the pups were only one day old. All pups are now in terrific pug-obsessed homes.  Patty is a gentle and obedient dog and thriving here at the farm.   
<MIRACLE   passed away in 2012                                          
Pilgrim is a 2 yr old turkey jake that wore out his welcome on a previous farm due to fighting. He would not tolerate any other jakes on the property. He came to Eden and enjoys a peaceful life with his "ladies" and no threats from other male turkeys.
Autumn and Miracle came via a fundraiser - where friends donated $1.00 or more to their purchase from a slaughter farm. Days away from being table food, Autumn and Miracle free range on the property - enjoying a lifestyle beyond compare in the turkey world. They gift us with large, wonderful, eggs and are curious and intelligent birds to study. People from all over the country donated a total of almost $200.00. Their purchase price was approximately one hundred dollars.....as they were full weight at slaughter time. The balance went into a turkey food fund. Names were submitted and voted on by the junior volunteers. Mikaila Milks of Womelsdorf nominated Miracle's name and Mary Ann Stentella of Long Island submitted Autumn's name. Also residing in the turkey group is rescue Merry (Christmas) who has been with us as a pre Christmas slaughter bird since 2010.
The sanctuary is also home to a family of rescued puppy mill dogs and rescued poultry. Contributions can be used for these animals if marked specifically for that use.
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